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CNN offers a useful site for students to improve their listening, pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar by reading and watching updated news and completing a great variety of follow-up exercises.



KET Education

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Site including “innovative, standards-aligned digital resources, compelling student experiences, and professional development opportunities”



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This site helps you boost your listening skills but watching lots of interactive YouTube videos and completing a great variety of Quizzes.



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Learn new vocab by exploring this superb colorful online dictionary. Each imaginative definition includes colorful images as well.



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Improve your English pronunciation by exploring this wonderful technological resource provided by YouTube. Type the word you want to pronounce and lots of videos with that word will be displayed.



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Check your vocabulary knowledge by completing the 100-question test included in this site and getting a summary report of your individual scores.


Stories and more …

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Superb blog created by Frank Asch including books read aloud with simple animations that allow learners to follow the stories easily.


The Great Grub Club

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Site with useful information about healthy eating and being active in a fun way, produced by World Cancer Research Fund UK. 

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Test your English

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Take these quick, multiple choice, free online tests that will help you choose which Cambridge English exam may be best for you.

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ESL Radio and TV

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Site featuring useful English language learning resources to practice your listening skills with interesting video clips and listening comprehension questions.

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Go Grammar

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Review a lot of grammar topics – parts of speech, verbs, comparatives – by exploring this site and completing some exercises and quizzes.

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Simple English Videos

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Resource hosted by Vicki and Jay that provides clear grammar explanations through video clips about confusing topics for English language learners.

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University of Oxford Podcasts

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This free site contains over 6,500 items arranged into 416 series and features public lectures, teaching material and interviews with leading academics.

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Online English Test

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Find out your English level by taking this free online 25 – question English test from the British Council.

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The Learning Network

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Blog from The New York Timesthan can be used by teachers, students, and parents and includes Weekly News Quizzes, Word of the Day and Lesson Plans 

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Post featuring numerous exercises to improve your English level including multiple-choice and gap-fill tests for grammar and vocabulary. 


Words to USE

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A new kind of reference that groups words by meaning and parts of speech. Some categories are Arts & Accesories, Business, and People & Appearance.

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English in Vancouver

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Explore this useful site with LINC videos, Mr. Bean lessons and over 600 interactive activities such as songs, games, vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar.

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150 Phrasal Verbs

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A useful post including a complete list of phrasal verbs with their translation in Spanish and some examples as well.

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Resource with fun and educational videos for toddlers, preschool children and kindergartners. Topics: Numbers, Alphabet, Shapes and Colors, and Time. 

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BBC Learning English

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Superb resource that provides learners with multimedia materials to meet their needs. Each unit includes a video clid and vocabulary and grammar references.

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Practice your listening skills by watching lots of movies, movie scenes, and video clips with subtitles. You can also translate the words just by clicking on them.

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Easy Pace Learning

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Find English lessons including the alphabet, clothes, and types of food, all for beginners or students who want to refresh on some basics.


Premier Skills English

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Premier Skills English in partnership with the British Council offers a program to develop language skills through football.


The Idiom Connection

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This site includes a complete list of idioms, proverbs and sayings organized in alphabetical order and by categories as well.


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