English in Vancouver

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Explore this useful site with LINC videos, Mr. Bean lessons and over 600 interactive activities such as songs, games, vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar.

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150 Phrasal Verbs

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This post includes a complete list of phrasal verbs with their translation in Spanish and some examples as well.

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This post includes fun and educational videos for toddlers, preschool children and kindergartners. Numbers, Alphabet, Shapes and Colors, and Time are the topics to be explored.

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Reading exams

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Useful site that offers some tips and advice for students taking reading exams, focusing on Multiple Choice, Missing Sentences and Matching the headings with the paragraphs questions.

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BBB Learning English

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Superb site that provides learners witt multimedia English language teaching materials to meet their needs. Each unit includes a video clid and vocabulary and grammar references.

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Practice your listening skills by watching lots of movies, movie scenes, and video clips with subtitles. You can also translate the words just by clicking on them.

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Basic English Lessons

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This site offers basic English lessons including the alphabet, clothes, and types of food.  They are for beginners or students who want to refresh on some basics.


Premier Skills English

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Premier Skills English in partnership with the British Council offers learners a program to develop their language skills through football as well as some professional development sessions for teachers.


RD Lessons

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Try the useful exercises created by Raquel & David, English teachers, from Spain. It provides learners with activities that keep them motivated towards learning English.


The Idiom Connection

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This site includes a complete list of idioms, proverbs and sayings organized in alphabetical order and by categories as well.


University of Oxford Podcasts

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This an superb free site featuring public lectures, teaching material, interviews with leading academics as well as information about applying to the University.


Conversation Questions

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This complete list of conversation categories allows you to practice your speaking skills by choosing one of them and interacting by asking the questions included.


Kindersite Stories

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Complete list of stories for kids with audio, text, and images that allow learners to improve their listening and reading skills.


The Flatmates

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The Flatmates

Practice your listening skills by watching the episodes and completing the exercises with the Flatmates: Tim, Helen, Khalid, Alice, and Michal.

Basic English Vocabulary

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This site includes a lot of vocabulary lists organized using thematic approach, pictures and sounds. Animals, Days, and the Weather are some of the topics.


False Cognates

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Review some False Cognates, words which are spelled in the same (or similar) way in English and in Spanish, but in English they have a different meaning. 

false cognates

Global Issues

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This sites offers relevant information about some global issues with complete articles to understand them and show how they are interrelated.

Global Issues

All About sports

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This post offers complete information about sports, athletes, competitions, international sports federations, and national sports federations around the world.

blog sports

Healthy Food Database

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Search for food terms browsing by letter, health or nutrition and find out amazing facts including Nutrition, Cooking as well as Benefits from some Health Conditions.

healthy food

Alphabetical Color List

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This comprehensive list of colors from Color-ize lets you explore a great variety of colors and samples. You will find colors never imagined before.


Tourism Glossary

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Learn or review some tourism vocabulary by going though this comprehensive list taken from The Sustainable Tourism Gateway info sheets.


English Wonderland!

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Useful site created and mantained by Tamar Bogatikov. She shares a lot of websites, English lessons, vocabulary activities and songs for kids.


English Idioms

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This useful site contains a complete list of idioms that can be looked up by section, containing a specific word or explained by a specific word.



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Amazing site that help English language learners improve their listening and reading comprehension skills. It includes Audiobooks, Novellas, and Short Stories.


Writing College Papers

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Great post from VOA Learning Education Report that helps learners learn or review what the 5-paragraph essay is all about.


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